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Is Your Toddler Still Mostly Nonverbal? 4 Ways Daycare Teachers Encourage Young Children To Communicate

Young children develop at different rates, and it is normal to be concerned if your toddler is still mostly nonverbal when other kids their age are constantly talking. However, some young children are just a little shy, or your child may need a little longer to feel confident about using their oral language skills. Now that your child is going to daycare, you can also feel good knowing that their teacher uses these strategies to foster oral language development in the children in their classroom.

They Use Visual Aids

Toddler child care teachers often use visual aids to help ease frustration for your child while also giving them a boost for learning new words. For instance, using sign language to signal that they need a drink of water helps your child get what they need. The process of using their body while thinking of the word also helps to reinforce the concept of language in their brain. You may also see your child's teacher use picture cards for children this age that allow them to point to what they need. This also helps them to communicate while they work on developing their speech.

They Teach New Vocabulary

One of the biggest benefits of using toddler child care services is seeing your child surrounded by opportunities to learn in their environment. Your child's teacher may use stories to introduce new vocabulary words that your child can use in their daily life. They also use other methods for teaching new vocabulary such as choosing songs that incorporate the new words that your child needs to learn.

They Scaffold Developing Language

Early childhood teachers use scaffolding to help toddlers stretch their new skills. For instance, the teacher may scaffold your child's efforts at speech by asking them a question that encourages them to talk even more. A teacher may also repeat a word that was pronounced incorrectly to help the child understand how to say it better. They may also encourage a child to try asking a question again if it wasn't comprehensible the first time.

They Encourage Socialization and Play

Your child's daycare should be filled with happy conversations that occur among the children throughout the day. Although the other toddlers may also be mostly nonverbal, it is those special little moments when they do use their words that help them learn. Teachers plan special activities that encourage kids to talk about the things that they experience so that they learn how to communicate with their peers as well as adults.

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